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Ergonomic for you

Often an employer or purchasing officer will ask us "what is the best chair for our staff" only to find out the answer is not a simple one.

Best chair for you is one that:

  • Feels comfortable to you,
  • It should have many adjustments as shown below,
  • Must be adjusted to you and your work enviroment,
  • Must have wheels or glides to make it stable in your work place,
  • It should have a chairmat to help mobility and help protect your floor,
  • Shorter people should have a waterfall front on their chair and/or,
  • Shorter people should have a foot rest.


Which chairs are comfortable for me?

  • You should test chairs by sitting in them for more then a few seconds,
  • You should adjust each one to suit your body shape and comfort.


How do i adjust my chair to my work enviroment?

  • Make sure your sitting position is as close to an L shape as possible,
  • Make sure your arms are in a L shape position while working,
  • Make sure your feet are not hanging, a foot rest will help shorter people,
  • Your line of sight to your computer screen should be horitzontal, not a up or down angle.


Why should my chair be stable?

  • Many work accidents involving chairs, could be avoided by simply having the right wheels / glides on your chair,
  • Getting on or off a chair should be done with care, not plonking one self down and hoping the chair stays put,
  • Some elderly people find chairs with wheels unstable as they lean on the chair for stability, glides help this.


Why would i need mobilty in a chair?

  • In some work enviroments you may turn around alot, roll your chair to reach a printer or filing system often,
  • A easy to roll chair for such work places can help protect you from strain and/or injuries,
  • Some times mobility is easy as adding a chair mat on top of your carpet or uneven floor.

What is a waterfall front?

  • A waterfall front is a curved front edge of the chair,
  • Waterfall design helps protect you from restircted blood flow from preasure,
  • It also helps to remove strain on your knees while sitting for long periods.

Ergonomic Definition:
Designed to minimize physical effort and discomfort, and hence maximize efficiency.
Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition 2009 © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd

Ergonomics History:
"Scientific study of the efficiency of people in the workplace," coined 1950 by GK. Ergon

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