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Public Schools High Performing Students Unit

Platinum standard of quality and service

I can’t speak highly enough about Able Office Furniture Sydney. Not only are their products sturdy and stylish but their service is incomparable.

I bought my home study desk and cabinets from them many years ago and they are pristine even though I tend to spill things when I eat at my desk. Just a wipe with a cloth and everything is as new.

I also bought a special office chair for my work at least four years ago if not more. The chair can be adjusted to fit in so many places that my aching old back is completely comfortable.

Because it has that sturdy mesh construction it breathes and does not wear. In fact it looks as perfect as the day I bought it.

Recently a castor broke and I contacted Able to see what I could do to replace it. They immediately provided a replacement castor free of charge.

However, we were unable to completely remove the old castor in order to replace it so again I turned to Able and they sent someone from the company who replaced the castor, again free of charge.

This is a platinum standard of quality and service. I will certainly continue to buy anything I need for my home or work office from them.


Magda Pollak
Leader - High Performing Students Unit
NSW Education Public Schools
28th May 2017

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